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as well as neighboring locations

Looking For The Most Reliable Swimming Pool Provider In Las Colinas, TX?

Here are some good reasons why G&C Pool Service is the best

  • Our company is certified, bonded, licensed and insured.
    This indicates you can feel confident you're dealing with pros who have the capacity to work with you in any difficulty when it comes to your swimming pool.
  • Open line of communication
    When the majority of swimming pool service companies are out for the weekend and won't return your phone calls while you're stuck with guests and a malfunctioning pool, G&C has your back. We can have pool professionals over to your residence soon to ensure that you can go on with your plans.
  • Minimize stress and anxiety
    Servicing a pool can be a difficult job. You have to clean it often, apply chemical substance, eliminate algae, remove and replace equipment, etc. All of this involves a certain level of knowledge and diligence. With us, we can do everything for you at quite economical prices.
  • No long-term contracts
    We are so positive that you'll want our services that we don't do long term contracts. Different from many other business, our clients really want to stay with us so long-term contracts end up being unimportant. All we do are service agreements about what we do and what we expect from our clients. Much like you, we don't like surprises.
  • Time
    Caring for a swimming pool can be time intensive. Permit the professionals to assist you out in this task so that you can focus on more critical things like arranging activities for the weekend.
  • Safety
    Handling chemical substance might be a threat to your physical health. G&C Pool Service knows absolutely how to deal with these chemicals, how to put away them and the most ideal method to make use of them. Your safety and that of your family and guests is our fundamental priority.
  • Avoid substantial repair services
    A swimming pool is in need of regular servicing which eventually avoids expensive repair work. A pretty swimming pool also increases the value of your place. Upgrading a pool can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. This is exactly why we suggest having it maintained at least once a week.
  • Get expert pool advice
    After every service, we let you know in writing what was done, what will need to be done soon and any probable repair work that might coming down later on in the year. Our goal is to always keep your swimming pool in the very best conditions all year long.

Nevertheless, we really believe what makes us stand out from the rest is our level of client service. We love to listen to what you want as each customer is different.

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to deliver to every pool owner an experience of honesty, superior quality, integrity, excellence, and competitive prices. We make every effort to go above your expectations with regard to making certain your swimming pool is in the most suitable possible conditions always.  

About G&C Pool Service

G&C Pool Service is a complete service swimming pool cleaning, fixing & upkeep business servicing the regions of Las Colinas and surrounding cities. We are committed to delivering the most effective pool service in the area

Are you searching for the very best pool companies near me in Las Colinas, TX?

G&C Pool Service is dedicated to providing individualized attention to each and every homeowner our team does work with.

Our experts focus on your specific needs and never sacrifice quality over earnings. We aim to create a recommendation out of each pool owner we associate with-- everyone knows the greatest prospective customers come from pleased homeowners!

Give our team the chance to take care of your pool needs, you'll be thankful you did!

Our Approach

We offer  pool companies near me in Las Colinas, TX on a monthly or weekly basis. We adjust to your needs. We also provide filter repair, plumbing system,  electrical related repair services and more. Simply ask.

We offer no charge water evaluation year-long, providing correct results in an instant.

A simple telephone call is all it requires to have your swimming pool necessities fulfilled.

Our Process

We provide pool service, maintenance and repair on a monthly or weekly basis. We adjust to your demands. We also offer filter repair, plumbing repair, electrical maintenance and repairs and more. Simply ask.

Our company provides free of charge water evaluation year-round, providing correct results in a few minutes.

A simple phone call is all it takes to have your pool necessities met..

Our Las Colinas Pool Companies Near Me Program

Are you trying to find the very best pool maintenance and repair near me?
Go over many of the many solutions our company provides. Our customers regularly register for weekly or monthly services and carry out a lot of these solutions on a regular basis. Nevertheless, if you don't see a service you need for your swimming pool, give us a ring. Our pool professionals are here to help!
  • Swimming pool Filtering system
    Filtration systems require to be cleaned on a regular basis given that they capture all the gunk and filth from your swimming pool. Unsanitary filter system usually creates larger electric fees and swimming pool repair work.
  • Pumps and Motors
    This is often times a usual problem among swimming pool owners. However, don't worry too much about it. This is often an effortless repair..
  • Timers
    Timers let you manipulate the temperature of your pool and can be performed from your computer at work or your cell phone. This can result in the pool being more energy-proficient and ready when you want it.
  • Sand Alterations
    This typically is a dirty business. However, don't fret, our company is qualified to deal with the whole thing for you.
  • Heaters
    With the fantastic weather in Texas, our customers love to always keep their pool in ideal conditions all year round. G&C Pool Service can keep your heating unit operating all year long and mend it as necessary.
  • {Pool|Swimming Pool} Service
    Frequent servicing is the secret to always keep your swimming pool in good shape and stay clear of costly repairs. Enroll in a monthly or weekly maintenance program to make the absolute most out of your amazing pool.
  • Pool Companies Near Me {Work| Service} in Las Colinas, TX
    Commonly, swimming pool repairs can be expensive and overwhelming. With G&C Pool Service, we can make the required repair services and have your pool in functioning order without all the stress.
  • Pool Property Inspection
    If you're advertising your house or even just would like a qualified evaluation, our team can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your swimming pool and a totally free estimate for any labor it may need.
  • Acid Washing/Chlorine Bath
    We carry out these services to get rid of algae (chlorine bath) or mineral growth (acid washing) which are needed for the overall health of your pool.
  • Pool Tile Maintenance
    Pool tiles frequently are wrapped with calcium deposits which subsequently makes your pool look dull and old. We can clean up your tiles and get your swimming pool back to awesome .

Our Pool Blog

We put out blog posts periodically with advice on how to take care of your pool. These pointers can greatly avoid damage and unnecessary maintenance and repairs. Our customers are our top priority and if you have any inquiries on the help and advice here for you, call us and we'll be glad to help you..

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Do you Need Pool Companies Near Me in Las Colinas, TX? Set Up an Appointment Right Away.

pool cleaning service dallas tx

Great service, dependable and reliable... Best pool service in town.


We will do our best to come out to assess your pool the same day . Contact us at (214 )287-6401 and we'll come out when we become available.

With warm weather and with more folks swimming, the bleach in the water is consumed rapidly. Thus, we strongly recommend having it serviced and maintained weekly to maintain algae away. 

No, we do not provide estimates over the phone. Each and every swimming pool has unique needs and our staff needs to examine it before we can talk about prices.